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​​​​​​​​​​​Westview SCC 2022-23 Members

Chair - Rae-Anne Coleman

Vice Chair - ​Aliesha Struble

Members - Stacey Cairns

Staff - Amanda Fonstad, Shannon Sands, Misti Big Eagle Bayliss

Students -  

Initiatives Westview SCC has been involved in:

1) Fundraising for our Inclusive Playground (completed fall 2016)

2) Promoting positive relationships among parents, staff and students at Westview (through events like Backpack BBQ)

3) Supporting family literacy events in the school (through events like reading nights, One School, One Book)

4) Promoting wellness/screen-free time through events targeting families at Westview (example: family events like golf night, gym night, board game night)

5) Fundraising for new soccer nets and posts for the playground (fall 2017), new uniforms for our sports teams (fall 2018), furniture and equipment for our Kindergarten classroom (2018-19)

6) Bringing in an anti-bullying speaker (February 2018)​​

7) Fundraising for improvements to our school sound system (winter/spring 2019)




Meeting Minutes:​